Saturday, June 25, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence Review

The made a sequel to Independence Day.  Apparently Emmerich was actually paid to write a sequel immediately after it came out, but he thought the script sucked so he gave the money back and shelved it. 

So did it take him 20 years to finally come up with a phenomenal script that he didn't want to stick in a drawer, or is this movie just another shameless cash grab?  Here's what I thought:

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Movie Reviews: Central Intelligence and X-men: Apocalypse

The Youtube shenanigans continue. Last week I put up my review of X-men: Apocalypse:

...and this weekend I took in the Rock/Kevin Hart buddy cop movie, Central Intelligence.

Friday, June 10, 2016

DOOM (2016) Review

So I finally decided to do the whole Youtube review thing.  My first one is for the first game I've gotten to purchase and play all brand-new like in quite some time, the new DOOM.  To summarize, it's pretty damn fun, but it still makes me cranky:

Monday, May 2, 2016

Reviewing 'Going Red'

I've written a number of movie reviews in my short time blogging, but despite the fact that I am an avid reader, I've never had occasion to formally review a book.  This particular one is special though because it was written by my good friend Ed Morrissey of, and it happens to be his first.

The book is called Going Red: The Two Million Voters Who Will Elect the Next President - and How Conservatives Can Win Them.  Can I just stop here for a second to ask...what is it with political books and ridiculously long subtitles? Imagine if we titled movies like that: The Shawshank Redemption:  The Story Of A Man Who Crawled Through A River Of Shit And Came Out Clean On The Other Side.

Anyway, while I was helping to fill in for Ed over at HotAir, he was traveling the country talking to people about their their previous election experiences and their views on the Republican Party.  In particular, he visited counties in 7 states whose voters he believes are poised to determine the result of the 2016 Presidential election, and Going Red chronicles what he learned on his journey.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Final Warning About Trump

Well the Wonder Twins finally bumped their fists and activated their powers to try and take down Donald Trump.  I didn't watch that debate because I've seen enough of them now to know the score for all these guys so I don't know how it played out.  I suspect it was just another volley of impotent fire that will only succeed in growing the Dark Planet some more, but folks I trust that actually watched that donkey show think they finally did some 5th Element-style damage so who knows.

As I write this, the #NeverTrump hashtag has appeared and trended on Twitter, much to my amusement seeing as how this election started with people demanding Trump pledge to never ever ever go third party lest he split the Republican vote and give the election to the Democrats.The irony (and hypocrisy) is almost palpable.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tonight's Debate Preview

Moderator:  Mr. Trump, can you please fight with Ted Cruz? We would really enjoy that.

Trump: Ted Cruz is kind of a maniac, but that doesn't matter because right now China is ripping us off.  We're getting ripped off by so many people because our leaders are stupid. And when I'm President, I won't be stupid so we will make America great again.

Moderator:  Senator Cruz, would you like to respond to that?

Cruz:  Y'know...Mr. Trump is right that the Obama/Clinton foreign policy has put us at a serious disadvantage around the world, and we need to re-examine how we do business if we are going to compete overseas.

Moderator: Senator Rubio, how would you re-examine Cruz's statement to start a fight?

Rubio: I don't have to re-examine it because my parents came from abroad, so I have one of the greatest American success stories ever.  We can easily have a new American century, but it has to begin with somebody as charming and charismatic as I am.

Fiorina: Can I just jump in here?

Moderator: Go ahead.

Fiorina:  Why is it that even though I am the only female on this stage, I seem to be the only one here with anything resembling testicular fortitude?

Bush:  Hey now, I'll have you know my balls have never been bigger or more swollen than they are right now.  They're huge, really, and uh, I'm ready willing and able to show you just how absolutely enormous my balls are if th-

Kasich:  -if we're going to talk about balls, we should talk about my balls!  I will happily go into excruciating detail about my balls and explain how my balls once single-handedly saved the world.

Moderator: Hang on Governor Kasich, we'll get to you in a minute.

Kasich: But my balls-

Moderator: Just a minute, Governor Kasich, we want to bring in Senator Paul first.  Senator Paul, what do you think about all of that stuff?

Paul: I think Governor Bush's balls wouldn't be so inflated if we didn't let the Federal Reserve manipulate the currency to fund all these illegal wars in the first place.

Christie:  That's bull. Those wars were legal because I AM THE LAW on terrorism.  Not only that, but if we actually listened to the American people, we'd know they really want to bomb something. If I'm President, we're going to do just that.

Moderator:  Dr. Carson, as a medical professional, can you explain Governor Bush's genital issues?

Carson:  Well, there are many possibilities.  Some of them are good and some not.  I think it would help if we stopped fighting with each other and maybe his balls wouldn't need to feel that big in order to get anything done.

Trump:  I think we all know who has the biggest balls here, and it's obviously me.

CrankyTRex Tweeted "Right now Jeb! is kicking himself. He forgot to use 'cojones' so that he'd appeal to the Hispanic vote."

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trump is the "Fuck You" Candidate

Today we're going to get the first GOP debates for 2016, and as it stands Donald Trump of all people is the leader of the polls.  For the last several hours, conservative media people have been running around with their hair on fire about how Trump is just a plant by the Clintons in some secret conspiracy to destroy the Republican party's chances of winning the election thanks to the fact that Bill encouraged him to run in a phone call.

They can't stand the thought of Donald Trump, and that's not really surprising.  Donald Trump is an egomaniacal asshole who could bankrupt the only lemonade stand operating in the middle of the biggest heat wave anyone's ever seen.  And if that isn't explicit enough as to whether or not I think of myself as a Trump supporter before we get into the rest of this, here it is in plain English: no, I do not think Donald Trump would be a good President. I don't think he's trustworthy. I don't think anyone should vote for him.

But he does amuse me, and every day I see the Right's reaction to him is another day that I find myself closer to cheering him on just on general principles.  Because with few exceptions the Right, and especially the GOP, still does not seem to understand what's happening here. They seem to think that this election is about policy and visions for America and who will be the best leader to bring us out of this seemingly interminable malaise.  It isn't.