Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Summit

Look at this picture. Don't these three look relaxed? You'd never guess that one of them arrested one of them, one of them called the one doing the arresting a racist, and the other one called the arresting officer stupid and racist.

Now, I could get into the stuff that people have gone over all day long about what this means in terms of race or how this is getting too much coverage etc., but my question is...

...where's the urgency? After all, President Obama has declared that health care must be passed immediately or Americans will die from lack of health care and other Americans will go bankrupt from the cost. The President has already gone so far as to say the time for debate was over.

If that's the case, why does the President have time to sit around enjoying a beer with a couple of guys he doesn't know just because he needs to do a little ass-covering? His health care bill is imploding in both the House and the Senate as Democrats tear viscious chunks out of one another in an attempt to gain superiority, and his self-imposed deadline comes up tomorrow. Should not the President be rushing around twisting arms and using the power of his eloquence to get everyone pointed in the same direction? Clearly the President is so unconcerned that even Joe Biden had time to sit down and have a drink, as he was at the so-called "Beer Summit" as well, though not in this photograph.

Also related to health care, isn't it just a tad ironic that the same man demanding Americans change their routines and habits to become healthier so as to reduce health care costs suggested sharing alcoholic beverages with Gates and Crowley? Couldn't the White House kitchen rustle up some lemonade or something less damaging to the liver?

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