Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's rare lately that a subject in the news gets under my skin so much that I feel the need to stop and write a post about it, which is one of the reasons this blog has been so quiet. However, what has taken place over the past few days forces me to blog.

You see, all of the hateful rhetoric is making me write this post. I simply have no will of my own to resist it. I have been inflamed and incited to the point of having to share my insight on this matter. The crazy left-wing bloggers, politicians, and columnists who continue to churn up hatred of anyone with whom they disagree by trying to tie them to the shooting in Arizona despite a total preponderance of evidence to the contrary have pushed me right over the edge into a psychopathic rage requiring that I spew forth dialogue uncontrollably.

I must attack these people and attack them until their ideas are totally dead. They've placed targets on themselves, and I'm totally unable to resist taking aim and firing away with everything I've got.

So here goes. If the theory is that "hateful rhetoric" against government or other specific individuals is sufficient to make a psychopath kill people, and thus we must stop it immediately, then when, praytell, will all of the people stirring up hate against Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Tea Partiers et. al. by stating this incident is their fault shut up? Because clearly they are inciting hate against these individuals, and based on their logic, this will certainly cause some psychopath to take a shot at one or more of them, which would then make all of the people who stirred up this hate complicit in the attempted or successful murder.

Congratulations Krugman, Sheriff Dupnik, etc. by your reasoning, you are now accessories to a future (attempted) murder.



  1. I'm trying to think of an assassination in history that was triggered by overheated political rhetoric. is pretty exhaustive. Some were motivated by political movements and some weren't, but they weren't due to mainstream partisan politics. Nothing like the theory being promoted by Paul Krugman, et al. really ever happened. The rest were driven by insanity, not by political rhetoric.

    This is nothing more than a rhetorical ploy by the left, who are losing the public debate about overspending and big government, to delegitimize the tea party movement. It's absurd of course, since they have been pouting out overheated ugly rhetoric for at least 12 years, full of sound and fury and images of violence. Hypocrisy and arrogance also incite anger, especially in voters.


  2. Too true. The danger here is actually that what they say is quite possibly true. If political rhetoric truly can influence the unstable, then it is only a matter of time before someone does get pushed over the edge.

    But the irony is, it won't be someone going after a group that has been demonized, it will be one one OF the demonized so tired of being labeled as a racist sexist redneck homophobe fascist simply for desiring a smaller government or even speaking their mind that they finally just snap and decide the only way to be heard is to use force.


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