Thursday, December 29, 2016

Passengers Review

Passengers had one of the most promising trailers of any movie this year.  They made it seem like we might be getting an interesting sci-fi mystery movie for Christmas about two people, namely Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, who inexplicably find themselves alone on some kind of spaceship cruise liner.  Worse, they've apparently "woken up 90 years too early" and the ship appears to be going a little haywire.

That's a pretty cool premise...but unfortunately Passengers flushes it right out the window by spoiling all the mystery right at the beginning, which might make it the biggest bait-and-switch movie of the year.  You can imagine this made me pretty cranky, enough to do this review while I was still being dogged by the Christmas flu:


  1. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 30% splat. I still took my wife because it was a love story, and we both enjoyed it. I can't say it was an A movie, but it had a feel good plot and I think that it worked.

    1. I think Rotten Tomatoes got this one right. It could've been way better if they had lived up to the tease.


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