Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cars 3 Review

Hey look, another sequel! This time it's for Disney/Pixar's license-to-print-money, Cars. I actually hadn't seen the original Cars or its sequel because it was a concept that never appealed to me enough to bother, so I actually went back and watched both before I headed off to Cars 3.

I found that Cars 1 is, as others before me have noted, basically just Doc Hollywood with talking cars. Since I liked Doc Hollywood, and Cars did an ok job of translating it (existential questions about this universe aside), I enjoyed it.

Cars 2 was just terrible. If Cars 1 is Doc Hollywood, Cars 2 is like Mr. Bean or The Tuxedo, one of those awful movies where some dumbass character trips their way into a spy movie and is comically better at being a spy than the professionals.

Meanwhile Cars 3 got off on the right foot with a very dark teaser trailer, and it seemed like we might be in for a Cars version of Rocky III, and you can't go wrong with Rocky III even if your hero is a talking racecar named Lightning McQueen. 

Well that assumes you actually follow through with that idea, which they kinda didn't.  Instead they decided to raise some very complicated questions that had me going..."huh?"  Let's talk about them!

And if you want a more in depth argument about Cars 3, check out the latest episode of The Flyby, a weekly podcast I've been doing for a little while about movies and TV shows with my buddy Sarjex.  We'll be moving over to a new network soon, but in the meantime, here's the link: The Flyby 6/21/17 - Cars 3

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