Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wonder Woman Review

I've been pretty clear about my distaste for the current crop of DCEU movies, which is why I went into Wonder Woman expecting yet another train wreck of epic proportions despite it having obscenely good buzz.  Obviously one always hopes these movies are going to be good, but given the track record it's impossible to do anything but put the bar on the floor going in.

Meanwhile, we had the usual political firestorm surrounding this movie because feminism can't leave anything well enough alone for people to enjoy.  In addition to the usual hot-takes about "first female superhero movie evah!" (it's not), The Alamo Drafthouse announced a women's-only screening, including only female employees(!?), and when people rightfully pointed out how a men's-only screening of say, Thor: Ragnarok would result in the theater being burned to the ground by screaming harpies, the screaming harpies complained about having their safe spaces invaded.  Just can't win folks.

Personally, I don't care if you want to hold a thing-only anything. As a small business dinosaur, I believe you should have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, even if those reasons are morally abhorrent to the rest of us.  If you're so -ist or you believe in something so much you're willing to lose money for it, that's your prerogative, and only an idiot would want to then force you to go to work for them since it inevitably means they'd get terrible service.

Unfortunately, the screaming harpies refuse to play by those rules, so until such time as they realize how untenable they are, I can only say "bake the cake!" to the Alamo Drafthouse and anybody on the Left who tries to have their own discriminatory practices.

In any case, political ramblings aside Wonder Woman finally achieves what appears to be a win for DC.  Is it really though, or is this a case of everyone walking on eggshells to avoid feminist backlash? Well as the most oppressed class of person on Earth (namely one of the few remaining dinosaurs in this homeosapienarchy), let me tell you the truth about whether or not Wonder Woman is a good movie, and of course, how it made me cranky:

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