Friday, August 7, 2009

But...but...Bush did it!

Is anyone else tired of hearing how their opinion doesn't matter because Bush did something similar to something Obama is doing? As if that somehow enters the equation?

Here's a typical exchange:
"Obama's defecit spending is ridiculous. He's going to bankrupt our country this way!"
"Well, where were you when Bush was spending?"

First of all, what does that matter? Do I have to complain about Andrew Jackson every time somebody assaults a Native American to have a valid opinion of that being wrong? Further, how does anyone know whether or not somebody complained about Bush?

Second, with regard to spending specifically, Obama's spending in the last six months is more than Bush's entire term. So it's not even comparable.

And third, if Bush was a fool/jackass/evil for spending a whole bunch of money or any of the other ridiculous things he did, should that not make Obama equal if not worse in that regard? Should not all these people answering criticisms of Obama with "But Bush did it!" be twice as pissed off for having voted for Obama? They voted for what they thought was the polar opposite of Bush, and yet they're getting Bush x10.

This is how the exchange should go:
"Obama's defecit spending is ridiculous. He's going to bankrupt our country this way!"
"Yeah! Welcome aboard! I've been complaining about this since Bush!"

Maybe people just don't want to admit their buyer's remorse. Maybe people don't want to give those of us who took one look at Obama and went "oh hell no" the satisfaction of saying "I told you so." And maybe they're just still too enamoured with Obama to admit his failings. Either way, this dino hopes one of these days they'll wake up and smell what's cooking: them.

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