Monday, August 3, 2009

Why So Serious?

It seems someone with an interesting sense of humor has been running around LA putting up these pictures, in a parody of the recent smash hit (yet highly overrated in this dino's opinion) The Dark Knight.

Remember the days when it was "patriotic" to make fun of the President? Back when it was one's duty to talk about ChimpyMcBushHitler's quest to conquer the world for oil, carried out by drowning blacks in New Orleans and creating a massive conspiracy to execute 9/11? When Dick Cheney was Darth Vader?

Apparently, that is no longer the case now that America is the land of Hype and Chains...excuse me, I meant Hope and Change, as several news outlets such as LA Weekly and MSNBC have decided this crosses the line.

Now, I could discuss how incredibly hypocritical it is, but Allahpundit and Ace do the job well enough.

The issue I want to address is...

...with the poster itself. The problem with this poster is that it is entirely contradictory. Socialism is on the exact opposite of the political spectrum as the Joker's philosophy of anarchy. Moreover, the Joker simply wanted to watch the world burn for his own personal amusement. Obama seems to honestly believe that socialism will be better for everyone or is simply too naive to know the consequences. The Joker was many things, but naive was not one of them.

Indeed, the poster would make much more sense if it were using Two-Face as the template. Much like Obama's quest to help everyone, Two-Face's original, "good" persona of Harvey Dent was a man of the people, out to do what was best for the public at any cost. Then, on the flip side (pardon the pun), Two-Face became petty and vindictive, which is a quality Obama demonstrates frequently when pressed or crossed. Lastly, Two-Face changes his mind on the flip of a coin. Obama has changed his mind about some very strong promises with about the same degree of effort.

So really, the poster should have used his or her Photoshop skills to create the Harvey Dent version of Obama and put that up all over the place. Then again, in this politically correct atmosphere, it would probably be considered a hate crime to show a picture of a black man with severe burns on one side of his face...

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